B2B ( Resellers - Importers )

Our B2B & Bespoke wear Solutions

Dear Reseller, 

Do you want to expand your existing lines in Aprons, Hospitality, Chefs, Healthcare or Beauty wear or are you looking for " bespoke wear " in Aprons, Hospitality, Chefs, healthcare & beauty wear, become then a " Nibano " reseller or distributor. " Nibano " offers large possibilities in our standard collection, Infinite possibilities in our Bespoke collection, competitif selling prices and last but not least good margins for everybody. A unique handmade promotional gift? Or do you want to develop your own line? We can make the desired item of clothing for you on request. Also we can do small details such as your own logo and / or your name on your clothing.


Since we started " Nibano " in 2015, our goal is to supply a large, high-quality collection of Aprons, Hospitality, Chefs, Medical & Beauty clothing, all at very competitive prices. Our products are now available through many specialised stores throughout Europe, Usa, Australia, online in many web shops and we offers also " Nibano " online like all professional brands do trough our own webshop " www.nibano.com ". " Nibano "  Aprons, Hospitality, Chefs, Medical & Beauty wear are worn in cafés, bistros, pubs, hotels, restaurants, barbershops, beauty salons, food trucks, caterers and also by professional baristas and chefs.

Private Label solutions

Altough " Nibano " the brand that can satisfy all your needs offers a wide collection of Aprons, Hospitality, Chefs & Beauty wear, you can also contact us for your " Private Label " solution. We always have a large collection of fabrics in stock and with up to 24 colours to choose from. Thanks to this stock of fabrics we can always meet you for your " Private label " solutions and this is already possible from 1 piece only if desired. Check our " Bespoke Wear " tab for more information.


Are you a retailer, reseller or importer and are you looking to expand your existing offer with our stylish collection of " Nibano " the brand that can satisfy all your needs in Aprons, Hospitality, Chefs, Healthcare or Beauty wear or do you wish to offer your customers a " custom made product " ? Please contact our " Nibano " advisers for all conditions.


" Nibano " is a fashion brand in work and hospitality wear. We produce Aprons, Hospitality, Chefs, Medical & Beauty wear. The designs come from our own design team and are made in a traditional way in our own production unit in Europe. All this with our Passion for Aprons, Hospitality, Chefs, Healthcare & Beauty wear.

Call 00 44 141 846 0155 or email info@nibano.com for more information.