Bespoke Wear

Bespoke Wear of Aprons, Chefs, Hospitality, Healthcare & Beauty Wear

Since the 19th century chefs, hospitality & beauty wear has evoluated enormously. Probably you will all remember the basic models in one or maximum two colours. Especially the last 30 years there was a great evoluation. It is almost unrealistic to see how the business has evoluated but if you think trough it seems very normal. Since centuries we already give a lot of attention and spent a lot of money on our leisure wear but you need to realise that most of the people who work in restaurant, catering, hotels, healthcare or beauty salons wear most of the week their Aprons, Chefs, Hospitality, healthcare or Beauty wear.
Also we realised that all our customers are looking for perfection and this doesn't mean only the best food or care this means the total package. Customers are looking for professionalism, No more No less.
What means professionalism in your estasblishment, the best food or care, competitif prices, nice interiors, comfort, the best equipment, good openingshours, good service, gentle and yes also to make the package complete, nice aprons, chefs, hospitality, healthcare or beauty wear.
Today many brands in hospitality , chefs, healthcare and beauty wear offers many colours, many designs, many fabrics, many sizes and even bespoke wear but almost all made in asia and quantities from 500 pieces or more.
Not " Nibano " the brand that can satisty all your needs, we offers Bespoke Aprons, Bespoke Hospitality Wear, Bespoke Chef's Wear, Bespoke Healthcare & Bespoke Beauty Wear at an other dimension :

✓ Your Colour ( 24 colours available )
✓ Your Design ( Inhouse creation of your patern )
✓ Your size ( No limit on size or dimension )
✓ Different fabrics available
✓ Your way of packing

✓ Your label 
✓ Your Personalisation ( Embroidery or Print )
 Starting From 1 Piece
✓ Competitif Prices
✓ Professional Machine Park ( Like Juki, Jack, Tajima, ... )
 Your personal Nibano adviser ( For each order you will be in contact with 1 adviser from start to finish )
 Short Delivery Times

All this made in Europe. Work direct with who makes it !!!

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