Chef Wear

Imagine going for a dinner at a restaurant  and you find a surprise on a plate, unpleasant right? So once the king of England Henry VIII (1491-1547), found a hair on his plate, many kings as well found “surprises”, can you imagine how much this has costed to the chef? So after this accident happened – Chef’s headwear where used !
Then, another incident with George the Second ( English king, who lived in the 17th century), he found a fly in his soup. The monarch was so angry that he asked for an immediate inspection for hygienes. That’s why chefs wear was made in white, the colour of purityremains the main colour if the kitchen till nowadays. The neat appearance of the chef is the face of any restaurant.
However, today chefs wear can not only be in white, but also green, burgundy, blue, pink, multicoloured and also hems in different  fabrics or materials. With " Nibano  " the brand that can satisfy all your needs, you will find any chefs wear,  a lot of colours. We have 24 colours in our range to choose from with any logo and embroidery you need. We are ready to make your chef the main face of the restaurant or hotel.