Women's Chef's Jackets

Women's Chef's Jackets Many years ago the standard was that women were cooking at home and men in the restaurant. Almost all chef's in hotel and restaurant business were men. Today let us say in 2020 the standard of this changed completely, more and more women become chef's in restaurants and hotels. Togheter with the popularity that women became chef's in restaurants and hotels many brands started to create women's chef's jackets. Altough again almost all chef's jackets or chef's whites for women were made in black or white. " Nibano " the brand that can satisfy all your needs will bring this to an other dimension. Women's short and long sleeve chef's jackets available in 24 colours. Like we all know mostly we speak about a kitchen team, not one chef. Go for the perfect match, men and women in same style. Don't forget if you don't find what you want in our standard collection, use then our Bespoke chef's wear  already possible from 1 piece.