Long waist apron with 2 side pockets 80x90 cm Nibano


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Long waist apron with 2 side pockets, 80 x 90 cm and available in 21 colours. The long waist apron which gives your clothes perfect protection while serving your customers. All our waist aprons with side pockets have also nips at the upper side of the waist apron to follow nice the chape of your body. If you are looking for a classfull waist apron, then this range is the perfect waist apron for you. The long waist apron is also available without pockets, 3 pockets, 5 pockets, 2 stand alone pockets, with split in the center of the apron for easy walking and in 100% cotton.. The fabric for the mid length waist apron has also been specially treated to prevent discolouration.


✓ Long waist apron with 2 side pockets Nibano
✓ 2 side pockets
✓ Waist apron with nips at the upper side of the apron to follow nice the shape of the body
✓ Ties in the same fabric as the apron with a length of 90 cm
✓ Very soft and comfortable to wear
✓ Oeko-Tex
✓ Azo-Free
✓ Dimension : Length 80 cm x Width 90 cm


✓ 65% polyester, 35% cotton
✓ Weight : 195 gr m2


✓ Industrial washing : 90°
✓ Domestic washing : 60°

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